A quest for wellness

This project is on an evolving human consciousness about our place, our house: planet Earth and the Universe. We aim to incept a new extraordinary opportunity to initiate a cultural rethinking of the relationship between lifestyle, environment, and the Human Genome.

Sister cities

We are developing a midterm collaboration with some cities worldwide; we will shoot some documentaries in these cities to explore their culture of wellness in terms of Past, Present, and future.
We are already collaborating with the city of Palermo, Milano, Atene, and Genova in the Mediterranean basin. We will create a more comprehensive number of cities worldwide, including some significant American metropolis: Seattle, San Francisco, and New York.

The movie

The film covers the salient moments of 5000 years of human and medical history in search of well-being understood as a form of physical and mental health.
The historical path is interposed with the vision of Leroy Hood on the merits of his scientific research.
His dream of collective well-being and his life will take us into his “complex” world, where billions of bits of practical information describe the common aspects of the human being.

wellness metaverse

Artdesignbox is a new Metaverse for art, design, and culture, developed on Oracle’s private blockchain. The metaverse will open in March ’23 as a web 3 platform with a rich Agenda of VR experiences in 2023.
The metaverse will be built in three different spaces to create other events.

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