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There are plenty of reasons to move your company to the UAE. Zero income tax being one of them. Giving you the opportunity to reinvest resources into your business and grow exponentially.

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There are many reasons why so many entrepreneurs from around the world choose to do business in the UAE. The country’s favourable tax regime is a considerable draw, levying zero percent on both personal and corporate incomes. There’s also the UAE’s strategic location at the heart of the Middle East which makes it the perfect hub from which to conduct global trade.

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We will bring together all of the documentation you will need to be approved for the Free Zone. You will also need to wait for anti-money-laundering checks to be carried out.


Support for Bank Account

Operating in a Dubai free zone means getting the right bank account We’ll select two or three banks that are best suited to your business type


Visa and Residence Permit

Visas come in several types, and they’re awarded based on a range of criteria. We’ll examine your circumstances and identify the visa that meets your needs.

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