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Giambrone & Partners is an international business law firm, which provides services in the field of international commercial agreements, transnational corporate law, international taxation and customs, global mobility, the generational transfer of family businesses, corporate finance, and M&A transactions.

Do you want to invest in France?
Open business in France

The company formation procedure in France is usually based on document gathering and other procedures such as drafting the articles of association, the specimen signatures, affidavits, and other special forms, as well as performing public notary procedures and certified translations.

Usually, a French registered office is also required for starting a company in France in order to have a mailing address to communicate with the partners and French authorities. Opening a bank account and hiring a local accountant are also required for setting up a company in France.

Do you want to set up a company in Italy or open a Branch or Representative office?

The main options to establish a business in Italy are:

  • Incorporate a limited liability company;
  • Establish a branch;
  • Establish representative office;

As opposed to the establishment of an Italian company, a branch is not a separate legal entity but a foreign “unit” of the mother company. For tax purposes, branches are considered as permanent establishments and are therefore subject to taxation in Italy. They shall thus keep their own books, submit VAT and income tax returns to tax authorities (Revenue Agency or Agenzia delle Entrate) each year, and file the annual report of the foreign company with the Italian Registrar of Companies.

Do you want to invest in the Canary Islands or Spain?
  • The Canary Islands are the center and crossroad of business between the major Continents. Our corporate and commercial team offers a multidisciplinary approach to our client’s cases to understand their business and to make sure we are providing the best advice.
  • Setting up a commercial enterprise in Spain, when the partners are foreigners, may not be so easy. However, the advice and support of an international lawyer could make all the difference, making the whole procedure much simpler.

By choosing our services, you receive well-crafted assistance based on your specific needs.

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have an outstanding invoice with a supplier or customer n Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, or North Africa?


Corporate Law

We advise our clients on the best business structure for their needs and ensure that the correct documentation is filed to fulfil all legal requirements with a Multi-disciplinary approach:

  • Formation and organization, in Italy and abroad, of representative offices, branch offices, wholly-owned subsidiaries, and joint venture companies;
  • Merger & Acquisition transactions of strategic or financial nature and consisting of: purchase or sale of shareholding interests;
  • Purchase or sale of assets, line of business, brands, patent or know-how;
  • Capital injection by Private Equity Funds;
  • Debt financing by Private Debt Funds;
  • Establishment of trusts; protection of the entrepreneur’s assets; generational business handover.

Company Due Diligence

Company Due Diligence is the instrument with which an entity interested in acquiring companies or branches thereof, or in which it intends to make any type of investment, carries out a complete analysis of the legal, economic and financial situation of the company in question to be informed in detail of all aspects and evaluate with certainty the validity or not of the purchase, in economic and investment terms. Giambrone International Law Firm offers preventive advisory services in mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring operations, assisting clients developing investment strategies within Italy

International Taxation

Giambrone International Law Firm has a longstanding and successful track record in advising clients on International Tax and Business Law matters.

Our corporate and commercial team works with national as well as international clients from our 16 offices around the world, including London, Milan, Barcelona, Lyon, and Tunis, amongst others. This means we are uniquely placed to advise on cross-border corporate and commercial issues and can draw on the collective expertise of our lawyers with capacity in different jurisdictions.

Our international lawers takes care, on behalf of the Client, of its relations with the Tax Office, of his representation before the Revenue Agency and studies any possible tax saving related to his position, taking into account, in case of businesses or professionals, the size of the business.

National and International Contracts

Our expert lawyers assist clients in drafting national and international contracts,  with targeted meetings and negotiations on the spot.

The main contracts we handle include:

  • National and international real estate purchases;
  • Corporate contracts, shareholder agreements, sales, mergers, and acquisitions;
  • Contractor agreements and supply contracts;
  • Trust constitution agreements;
  • Business network contracts;
  • Foreign investment holding policies
    employment contracts;
  • National and international agency contracts;
  • National and international distribution contracts;
  • Contracts for the purchase and sale of goods and services;
  • Contracts for the purchase and sale of know-how;

International Litigation and Arbitration

The International Litigation Department of Giambrone & Partners assists Italian and foreign clients in judicial and arbitration disputes of a commercial, corporate, and business nature, mainly concerning:

  • Commercial contractual relationships;
  • Corporate and joint venture relationships;
  • Unfair competition and infringement of intellectual property rights, trademarks, and patents;
  • Product liability;
  • Insolvencies and bankruptcy procedures.

Corporate Compliance

Regardless of the business activity, the business sector, or the company size, it is advisable to be protected against the legal risks related to its management and operation resulting from the activities of the administrative bodies and those of its employees towards public and private entities.

Our Corporate Compliance department has accrued a consolidated experience, specializing in the assistance and advice on:

  • Risk assessment activities
  • The drafting of Organization, Management, and, Control Models under decree no. 231/2001, including Code of Ethics and special protocols/parts
  • Assistance and support to companies during the implementation of the models
  • The drafting of policies and compliance programs, 
  • Definition of the powers and delegation of authority systems
  • Advice and assistance for internal controls and audits, monitoring and auditing activities related to specific company processes and the internal control system
  • Holding of offices in Supervisory Boards, characterized by both sole and board composition
  • Assistance and support to Supervisory Boards



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